CSE User's Manual

California Simulation Engine

6.52 reportCol (owner: report)


colHeadXXstringinput timeColumn head string, in dm. *i cuz veoi in cncult.cpp:rpcolt[].
colGapXXinteger numberinput timeSpace to left of column, default 1
colWidXXinteger numberinput timeColumn width
colDecXXinteger numberinput timeColdecimals: max digits after point
colJustXXinteger numberinput timeJustification: c_justch_l or _r
colValXXun-probe-ableend of each subhourValue vt_val and data type vt_dt (tyfl/tystr in input, dtfloat/dtculstr in run), used at end report interval.
nxColiXXinteger numberconstantFor runtime: col subscript of next column in this report, 0 if last one