CSE User's Manual

California Simulation Engine

6.35 gain (owner: zone)


gnPowerXXnumberhourlyAmount of gain (demand – b4 reduction by gndlfrpow), btuh, hourly expression
mtriXXinteger numberinput timeMeter to which gain is charged
gnEndUseXXinteger numberautosize and simulate phase start timeEnd use of energy: cooling, heating, receptacles, etc. reqd if gnmeter != none, else disallowed.
gnFrLatXXnumberhourlyFraction of gain which is latent (0 - 1, hourly expression)
gnFrRadXXnumberhourlyFraction of gain which is radiant, added 11-95
gnFrZnXXnumberhourlyFraction of gain going to zone (0 - 1, hourly expression)
gnFrPlXXnumberhourlyFraction of gain going to plenum (0 - 1, hourly expression)
gnFrRtnXXnumberhourlyFraction of gain going to return (0 - 1, hourly expression)
gnDlFrPowXXnumberhourlyFraction power on for daylighting, 0-1, default 1.0, hourly expression
dhwsysiXXinteger numberinput timeControlling dhwsys, 0 if none ()
dhwmtriXXinteger numberinput timeControlling dhwmeter, 0 if none
dhwEndUseXXinteger numberinput timeWith gn_dhwsysi, specifies controlling hw end use