CSE User's Manual

California Simulation Engine

6.57 shade (owner: window)


wWidthXXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Window width. *r: set (from window) by input check/setup (topckf).
wHeightXXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Window height
ohDepthXXnumbermonthly-hourlyDepth of overhang. *mh: may change monthly-hourly: m-h user exprs accepted.
ohDistUpXXnumbermonthly-hourlyDistance from top of window to bot of oh
ohExLXXnumbermonthly-hourlyOverhang extension beyond left edge of window
ohExRXXnumbermonthly-hourlyDitto right edge
ohFlapXXnumbermonthly-hourlyLen of flap hanging down from front of overhang
lfDepthXXnumbermonthly-hourlyLeft fin depth
lfTopUpXXnumbermonthly-hourlyLeft fin top of window to top of fin
lfDistLXXnumbermonthly-hourlyLeft fin distance to left edge of window
lfBotUpXXnumbermonthly-hourlyLeft fin bottom to window bottom distance
rfDepthXXnumbermonthly-hourlyRight fin values analogous to left