CSE User's Manual

California Simulation Engine

6.44 layer (owner: construction)


thkXnumberinput timeThickness of layer, ft. dfl mt_thk else rqd. *i cuz veoi in cncult:lrt[].
matiXinteger numberinput timePrimary material (mat subscript). rqd.
frmMatiXinteger numberinput timeFraming material in layer, 0 if unframed layer
frmFracXnumberinput timeFraction framing in layer. rqd if lrfrmmati nz.
uvyXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Conductivity: weighted combo of pri & framing; not specific to thickness.
rXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Layer r-value (for thk, per ft2)
vhcXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Volumetric heat capac (dens*spht, framing-weighted)