CSE User's Manual

California Simulation Engine

6.40 importFile


fileNameXXstringautosize and simulate phase start timeFile name, path optional, in heap or pseudocode. *i cuz veoi in cncult. rqd.
titleXXstringautosize and simulate phase start timeTitle string. if given, file’s must match.
imFreqXXinteger numberinput timeFrequency of record reads, y m d h; hs and subhour not allowed. rqd.
hasHeaderXXinteger numberautosize and simulate phase start timeFile has header no/yes, default yes.
iffnmiXXinteger numberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Subscript of import file field record in iffnmb. holds used names b4 file opened;
bufSzXXinteger numberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)0 or allocated size of buffer (actually 1 larger to hold 0)
bufNXXinteger numberhourlyNumber of characters in buffer === subscript of 1st unused byte
bufI1XXinteger numberhourlyBuffer subscript 1: start or next unscanned field in current record
bufI2XXinteger numberhourlyBuffer subscript 2: end current record. ==bufi1 if no current record.
nFieldsScannedXXinteger numberend of each hour0 or number of fields already scanned in current record