CSE User's Manual

California Simulation Engine

6.28 DuctSeg (owner: RSYS)


tyXXunrecognizedinput timeType: c_ducttych_ret / _sup
ziXXinteger numbersubhourly
hcNatXXnumberend of each subhour
hcFrcXXnumberend of each subhour
hcMultXXnumberend of each subhour
hxaXXnumberend of each subhour
hxrXXnumberend of each subhour
hxtotXXnumberend of each subhour
uRatXXnumberend of each subhour
fRatXXnumberend of each subhour
cxXXnumberend of each subhour
sgTarg.bmXXnumberend of each subhour
sgTarg.dfXXnumberend of each subhour
sgTarg.totXXnumberend of each subhour
sgXXnumberend of each subhour
tSrfXXnumberend of each subhour
qrAbsXXnumberend of each subhour
txaXXnumberend of each subhour
txrXXnumberend of each subhour
txeXXnumberend of each subhour
wXXnumberend of each subhour
qSrfXXnumberend of each subhour
pDSXXunrecognizedsubhourlyPointer to parent ductseg
exAreaXXnumberinput timeExterior heat transfer surface area, ft2 (outside of insulation)
diamXXnumberinput timeDuct diameter (w/o insulation), ft
lenXXnumberinput timeTotal length (all branches), ft
branchLenXXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Average branch length, ft
branchCountXXinteger numberinput time# of branches
branchCFAXXnumberinput timeFloor area served per per branch, ft2
airVelDsXXnumberinput timeDesign air velocity, fpm
inAreaXXnumberinput timeInterior surface area, ft2
insulRXXnumberinput timeRated insulation resistance, ft2-f/btuh
insulMatiXXinteger numberinput timeInsulation material, 0 if none
insulKAXXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Constants for insul conductivity: kinsul = ka + kb*t
insulKBXXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)
insulThkXXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Insulation actual thickness, ft
insulThkEffXXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Effective insulation thickness, ft
RconvInXXnumberautosize and simulate phase start timeInside surfce convection resistance, ft2-f/btuh
RductXXnumberend of each hourTotal resistance from duct air to exterior surface of insulation
UductXXnumberend of each hour1/ds_rduct
insulREffXXnumberend of each hourEffective insulation resistance, ft2-f/btuh
exCndXXinteger numberinput timeAdjacent cond: adiabatic/ambient/spect/adjzn.
leakFXXnumberinput timeLeakage fraction, 0-1
uaTotXXnumberend of each subhourCur step total conductance between duct air
betaXXnumberend of each subhourCur step conduction loss parameter (1 - effectiveness)
air[0].tdbXXnumberend of each subhour
air[0].wXXnumberend of each subhour
air[1].tdbXXnumberend of each subhour
air[1].wXXnumberend of each subhour
air[2].tdbXXnumberend of each subhour
air[2].wXXnumberend of each subhour
air[3].tdbXXnumberend of each subhour
air[3].wXXnumberend of each subhour
amfFLXXnumberend of each subhourDry air mass flow rate at full load, lbm/hr
qCondFLXXnumberend of each subhourFull load total conduction losses to surround (+ = out of duct), btuh
qCondXXnumberend of each subhourTotal conduction loss rate to surround (+ = out of duct), btuh
qCondAirXXnumberend of each subhour… to txa (air)
qCondRadXXnumberend of each subhour… to txr (radiant)
qLeakSenXXnumberend of each subhourLeakage sensible heat loss rate, btuh (+ = out of duct)
qLeakLatXXnumberend of each subhourLeakage latent heat loss rate, btuh (+ = out of duct)