CSE User's Manual

California Simulation Engine

6.4 Battery


meterXXinteger numberinput timeMeter for system electricity production
useUsrChgXXinteger numberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Yes: user specifies charge request;
controlAlgXXunrecognizedhourlyControl algorithm choice
maxCapXXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Maximum (usable) battery capacity in kwh
initSOEXXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Initial state of energy (0 <= soe <= 1)
initCyclesXXnumberrun start time (of each phase, autoSize or simulate)Initial number of cycles on battery (>= 0)
chgEffXXnumberhourlyBattery efficiency while charging
dschgEffXXnumberhourlyBattery efficiency while discharging (fraction)
maxChgPwrXXnumberhourlyMaximum allowable charging power (kw)
maxDschgPwrXXnumberhourlyMaximum discharge power (kw)
chgReqXXnumberend of each hourBattery charge request (kw) +=charge;-=discharge
soeBegIvlXXnumberhourlyBattery soe at beginning of interval
loadSeenXXnumberend of each hourThe adjusted load seen by the battery for current hour (kw)
soeXXnumberend of each hourBattery state of energy (soe) (0 <= soe <= 1)
soelhXXnumberhourlyBattery state of energy (soe) at end of prior hour
cyclesXXnumberend of each hourAccumulated battery cycles
cycleslhXXnumberhourlyAccumulated battery cycles, end of prior hour
energyXXnumberend of each hourCurrent amount of energy in battery (kwh)
energylhXXnumberhourlyAmount of energy in battery (kwh)