CSE User's Manual

California Simulation Engine


Defines a single hot water draw as part of a DHWDAYUSE. See discussion and examples under DHWDAYUSE. As noted there, most DHWUSE values have hourly variability, allowing flexible representation.


Optional name; give after the word “DHWUSE” if desired.

UnitsLegal RangeDefaultRequiredVariability
63 charactersnoneNoconstant


The starting time of the hot water draw.

UnitsLegal RangeDefaultRequiredVariability
hr0 \(\le\) x \(\le\) 24noneYesconstant


Draw duration. wuDuration = 0 is equivalent to omitting the DHWUSE. Durations that extend beyond midnight are included in the current day.

UnitsLegal RangeDefaultRequiredVariability
min0 \(\le\) x \(\le\) 14400Nohourly


Draw flow rate at the point of use (in other words, the mixed-water flow rate). wuFlow = 0 is equivalent to omitting the DHWUSE. There is no enforced upper limit on wuFlow, however, unrealistically large values can cause runtime errors.

UnitsLegal RangeDefaultRequiredVariability
gpmx \(\le\) 00Nohourly


Fraction of draw that is hot water. Cannot be specified with wuTemp or wuHeatRecEF.

UnitsLegal RangeDefaultRequiredVariability
0 \(\le\) x \(\le\) 11Nohourly


Mixed-water use temperature at the fixture. Cannot be specified when wuHotF is given.

UnitsLegal RangeDefaultRequiredVariability
oFx \(\le\) 00when wuHeatRecEF is given or parent DHWSYS includes DHWHEATREC(s)hourly


Heat recovery effectiveness, allows simple modeling of heat recovery devices such as drain water heat exchangers.

If non-0 (evaluated hourly), hot water use is reduced based on wuTemp, DHWSYS wsTUse, and DHWSYS wsTInlet. DHWHEATREC(s), if any, are ignored for this use. wuTemp must be specified.

If 0, detailed heat recovery modeling may apply, see DHWHEATREC.

UnitsLegal RangeDefaultRequiredVariability
0 \(\le\) x \(\le\) 0.90Nohourly


Hot-water end use: one of Shower, Bath, CWashr, DWashr, or Faucet. wuHWEndUse has the following functions –

UnitsLegal RangeDefaultRequiredVariability
One of above choices(use allocated to Unknown)Noconstant


User-defined identifier that associates multiple DHWUSEs with a single event or activity. For example, a dishwasher uses water at several discrete times during a 90 minute cycle and all DHWUSEs would be assigned the same wuEventID. All DHWUSEs having the same wuEventID should have the same wuHWEndUse.

UnitsLegal RangeDefaultRequiredVariability
x \(\ge\) 00Noconstant


Optionally indicates the end of the DHWUSE definition.

UnitsLegal RangeDefaultRequiredVariability

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